The voting to approve our proposed bylaws has concluded with 27 in favor and zero opposed.  The following changes have been made to the bylaws that govern our Section:

1)     The Vice-Chair and Chair positions are independent, one-year terms, with an option to run for re-election each year, though "soft" term limits apply;

2)     The Past-Chair position is retained, but allows for optional term extension in the event that the current Chair is re-elected;

3)     The requirement that the Past Chair lead the planning efforts for the Conference on the Environment has been eliminated.  The Conference on the Environment will be led by a committee; and relatedly,

4)     The Vice-Chair role is not responsible for directly leading any program (i.e., the Conference on the Environment), specfically, but instead is responsible for the committee that finds such leadership and manages the overal program vision and schedule for the Section.

If you are interested in serving on the board in 2019 or beyond, please contact the current Chair, Andrew Willing.