Everyone on the Board, including but not limited to all officers and committee chairs, volunteer their time & talent to provide for the membership of our section.  Unfortunately, in recent years, our membership have/has shown decreasing interest in serving as officers and committee chairs.  We, the current Board, believe that the current commitment structure of the Board Chair position may be scaring-off potential, would-be participants.  Currently, one individual commits to one year as Vice-Chair, then one year as Chair, and then one-year as Past-Chair, in sequence.  Not only is this three-year commitment daunting in appearance, the Past-Chair has also been historically obliged to lead the planning efforts for our annual Conference on the Environment event.  Historically, few—if any—members have made this three-year commitment more than once.


To attempt to address these issues, we have proposed some changes to the bylaws that govern our Section.  The full details are attached.  Briefly, we propose:

  1. to make the Vice-Chair and Chair positions independent, one-year terms, with an option to run for re-election each year, though “soft” term limits apply;
  2. to retain the Past-Chair position, but to allow for optional term extension in the event that the current Chair is re-elected;
  3. to eliminate the requirement that the Past Chair lead the planning efforts for the Conference on the Environment.  The Conference on the Environment will be led by a committee; and, relatedly,
  4. to clarify that the Vice-Chair role is not responsible for directly leading any program (i.e., the Conference on the Environment), specifically, but instead is responsible for the committee that finds such leadership and manages the overall program vision & schedule for the Section.

We ask that you vote on our proposal to amend our bylaws.  An email was sent to all AWMA members with a link to the survey.  Comments on the bylaw changes are welcome and can be provided on the voting form. Additionally, if you are voting by proxy, that can be noted on the form. If you are interested in serving on the board in 2019 or beyond, please contact the current Chair, Andrew Willing.