The Upper Midwest Section (UMS) of Air & Waste Management (A&WMA) is offering financial support to members who will be formally participating in the 2014 A&WMA Annual Conference and Exhibition.  Those members who will be presenting a paper, displaying a technical poster, or participating in a technical planning committee are eligible to receive up to $500 in financial support.  This does include students that participate in the Student Poster Competition or in the Environmental Challenge International (ECi) Competition. You must be a current A&WMA member to be considered for the financial support.  The full details of the financial support policy are listed below.


If you believe you qualify and would like to apply for 2014 ACE support, please email your request to Jonathan Amos ( by May 16, 2014.  We anticipate making a decision, and informing recipients, the week of May 30, 2014.

As part of our on-going efforts to assist our members with their professional development, we are considering offering some limited financial support to members who will present a paper, a technical poster, or who are part of a technical planning committee requiring their attendance at the 2014 ACE.  This offer is limited to the 2014 ACE, which will be held June 24 through 27, 2014 in Long Beach, California.  

We recognize that there are benefits to our Upper Midwest Section to support our members in this, especially if there is a demonstrated need.  For this reason, we are establishing a professional development budget for the 2014 ACE, which is consistent with board strategy.  Allocation of resources to our members will be determined based on the following guidelines.

1)      UMS will solicit, by email, interest in receiving some limited funding to attend the 2014 ACE.  This funding is limited to 2014 and to attending this year’s ACE.  Other conferences are not being considered at this time.


2)      UMS will send a notice to all members inviting them to submit a formal request, by email, by a defined deadline.

a.       The request must briefly describe the member’s paper, poster presentation, and/or involvement on a technical planning committee.

b.       As applicable, it should briefly describe financial limitations to their attendance at ACE.

3)      The UMS board will gather and review the submittals to determine recipients.

4)      Board evaluation criteria will include:

a.       The potential recipient must be a current member, in good standing.  

b.       The potential recipient must either have an accepted abstract to present a paper/poster or be part of a technical planning committee which requires their attendance at the 2014 ACE.

c.        Preference will be given to a potential recipient who is both presenting a paper and who serves on a technical committee and/or is an active volunteer in our local section.

d.       The creativity demonstrated in the paper and/or the relevance of the presentation topic in fostering solutions to real-world environmental challenges will also be considered.

e.        UMS encourages the potential recipient to seek funding through their employer who shares in their professional development.  UMS will give special consideration to financial need based requests, as applicable, as part of our decision process.

5)      UMS will review funding for this program annually, and will make adjustments accordingly, based on budgetary constraints.  There is no implied or expressed commitment to funding in 2015 or beyond; however, UMS will endeavor to offer similar funding for future ACEs as funds allow.

6)      UMS limits per member funding to $500, unless special consideration is given to need.  

7)      UMS will allocate funding based on total member interests expressed and the above evaluation criteria.  Funding decisions are at the sole discretion of the UMS board.  The UMS board reserves the right to not fund any requests.  

8)      Recipients will be notified following the applicable board discussion approving the funding.  Unfunded requests will also be notified at this time.