31st Annual Conference on the Environment

Environmental Perspectives - Federal, State, and Local

November 9th, 2016


12/2/16: Links to presentations coming soon!

The 31st annual Conference on the Environment (COE) was held on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  This all-day conference brings together environmental professionals representing industry, consultants, government, and academia, in the areas of air quality, water quality, and waste management.  Through keynote presentations, concurrent technical sessions, and exhibitor displays, attendees learn about new, relevant issues and network with other professionals.  The COE has become one of the premier conferences in the Upper Midwest dealing with today’s pertinent environmental issues.

2016 Conference Agenda

Keynote Speaker:  Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Commissioner John Linc Stine

Session 1 – MPCA Water Regulatory Update, Moderators, John Friel and Brendan Wolohan, SEH, Inc.

  • Chloride in Wastewater in Minnesota:  Scott Kyser, MPCA
  • Implementation of MPCA’s Proposed Sulfate Wild Rice Standard:  Liz Kaufenberg, MPCA
  • Putting the New River Eutrophication Standards to Work Protecting Minnesota’s Waters:  Matt Lindon, MPCA
  • Regulatory Certainty Legislation:  Joel Peck, MPCA

Session 2 – MPCA Air Regulatory and Air Quality Update: Moderator, Greg Archer, Great River Energy

  • MPCA Air Regulatory Updates:  Melissa Kuskie and Hassan Bouchareb, MPCA
  • Introduction to TEMPO Question and Answer:  Jared LaFave, MPCA
  • Air Permit Applications and e-Services:  Peggy Bartz, MPCA

 Session 3 – The World of Water: Moderator, Patrick Haney, HDR

  • Water Law Update:  Jeremy Greenhouse, The Environmental Law Group, Ltd.
  • A New Tool for Retrieval of Harmful Algae Concentrations using Multi-Satellite Observations:  Maria Garcia-Serrana and Anne Wilkinson, U of M
  • Using Wastewater Expertise for Humanitarian Efforts to Bring Centralized Treatment Developing Regions of Costa Rica:  Global Water Stewardship:  Alex Lober, Brown and Caldwell, and Zachary Wallin, SEH

 Session 4 – Solid Waste Management Strategies:  Moderator, Roger Clarke, Xcel Energy

  • Minnesota Solid Waste Policy Report (SWPR) Moving Toward Implementation:  Mark Rust and Anna Kerr, MPCA
  • Goals & Strategies for the Recycling and Energy Center, Newport, MN:  Michael Reed, Ramsey County Environmental Health
  • Lab USA IBA Treatment Facility:  Brent DuBois, President and CEO, Lab USA

Sessions 5 and 10 – Student Environmental Challenge:  Moderators, Cassidy Buckley, Wenck Associates and Mike Hult, 3M Company

Session 6 – Energy Efficiency & Nutrient Removal:  Moderator, Chris Harrington, HR Green

  • Real Improvements to the Dewaterability of Bio-P Sludge: Eric Lynne, Donohue & Associates, Inc.
  • The Path to Energy Neutrality:  Tracy Hodel, City of St. Cloud
  • New Solution for Domestic Primary Wastewater Treatment:  John Dyson, Aqua Aerobic Systems, Inc.

Session 7 – Federal, State, and Local Initiatives:  Moderator, Jill Blissenbach, 3M Company

  • Updated EPA National Enforcement Initiatives: Jon Frost, Trinity Consultants
  • Integrating MPCA’s Environmental Justice Policy:  Jeff Smith and Brent Rohne, MPCA
  • Innovative Approach at Reducing Air Emissions in Northeast Minneapolis:  Bill Hefner, Environmental Law Group, and Kathryn Anderson, Wenck Associates

Session 8 – Stormwater and Water Resources Management:  Moderator, Mark Doneaux, Capitol Region Watershed District

  • Technology, the New BMP: Utilizing Real Time Automated Controls to Minimize Cost and Maximize Performance of a Flood Control BMP:  Bob Fossum, Capitol Region Watershed District
  • Cottageville Park - Integration of Land Use Planning and Natural Resource Improvement to Build Sustainable Communities:  Renae Clark, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
  • Stormwater Reuse—Process, Ponds, and Roofs, Oh My!  Todd Shoemaker and Lucius Jonett, Wenck Associates

Session 9 – General Interest:  Moderator, Colin Fitzgerald, CH2M

  • Climate Change Risk Assessment: A First Step for Enhancing Strategic Planning: Miranda Mair, Wenck Associates
  • Interacting with the Media:  Daron Selvig, AE2S
  • Building a Successful Environmental Internship Program:  Larry Rogacki and Amanda Hiatt, Metropolitan Council Services

Session 11 – Nutrient Removal:  Moderator, Jason Benson, AE2S

  • Innovative Phosphorus Removal Pilot Study: Todd DeJournett, Barr Engineering
  • Bio-P: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Case Studies on Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal:  Bill Marten, Donohue & Associates
  • Denitrification DIY for Small WRRF:  Robert Smith, YSI/Xylem

Session 12 – Air Permitting Case Studies and Regulatory Approaches:  Moderator, Mike Westereng, Flint Hills Resources

  • Case Study in Innovative Permitting Write-Your-Own Title V Permit at 3M Cordova: Andrew Willing, 3M Company
  • The Control Equipment Rule - Basic Usage and Common Mistakes:  Maria Takahashi, MPCA
  • Regulatory Strategy for Fine Particulate Matter:  Mary Oleson, Wisconsin DNR

Session 13 – Stormwater and Water Resources Management:  Moderator, Jason Benson, AE2S

  • Responding to Changing Perceptions of Detention Basins Using Classification and Performance Metrics in Ankeny, Iowa: Doug Mensing, Applied Ecological Services
  • Flocculation BMPs for Reducing the Sediment in Construction Water Discharges:  Nazli Yilmaz Wodinski, PhD, Minnesota State University Mankato
  • Quantifying Nutrient Removal by Street Sweeping - Findings from the Prior Lake Street Sweeping Study and Research Needs:  Larry Baker, University of Minnesota

Session 14 – Air Dispersion Modeling:  Moderator, Tony Colombari, Trinity Consultants

  • Could Line Sources be a Modeler’s New Best Friend?  Charlene Becka, Wenck Associates, Inc.
  • Final changes to the EPA Air Dispersion Modeling Guideline:  Jeff Bennett, Barr Engineering
  • Updates on Appendix W and Modeling in Minnesota:  Shelley Koehn, Trinity Consultants

Session 15 – Pretreatment / Industrial:  Moderator, Jason Benson, AE2S

  • Advancing Safe and Sustainable Water Reuse in Minnesota: Anita Anderson, MN Department of Health
  • RMP Final Rule Changes, PSM Proposed Rule Changes and EPA Enforcement Emphasis:  Nicholas Hoffman, Trinity Consultants
  • CSWEA MN Section Industrial Award Winner:  Dustin Maddy, CentraCare Health, St Cloud Hospital