We are proud to report that our membership continues to be strong at approximately 150 members as of June 2021. The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) National organization has recently recognized our section as having one of the top membership programs in the country!

In case you are not aware, the A&WMA has several different Membership Categories. To join, or to find out more information, please visit the A&WMA membership page.

Individual Membership ($195 USD)

This is the standard membership that includes:

  1. A print subscription to either EM or the Journal
  2. Access to both EM and the Journal online (with archives back to 1997)
  3. Access to the online A&WMA membership directory
  4. Reduced pricing on A&WMA events (both nationally and locally) and technical publications
  5. Access to local networking events


Young Professional Membership ($98)

Any person, age 35 or under and working in the environmental profession, interested in accomplishing the mission and objectives of the Association. This membership is valid for the first five consecutive years of A&WMA membership in this category.

Student Membership ($35)

Full-time undergraduate or graduate students are eligible for this discounted membership, which includes a print subscription to EM.  In addition, once you graduate you are eligible for a one year free electronic membership. Please visit the A&WMA membership page for more details.

Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership is a perfect solution for companies and organizations with 5 or more environmental professionals who want to reduce membership costs and increase participation in A&WMA.

Organizational Membership (up to 10 members)

$595/company + $98/employee USD

Organizational Membership (more than 10 members)

$1,495/company + $98/employee USD

Organizational Government Membership

$470/company + $98/employee USD