QEP Study Group

QEP Study Group
Are you a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP)? Not yet? Join your fellow UMS professionals in a QEP study group to review the test material. This study group will start meeting this fall for approximately 1.5-2 hours once a week. This study group will review Part 1 of the exam to start and move into Part 2 (Air Quality Specialization) next year. If you are interested in participating in the QEP study group and/or taking the QEP exam, please contact Jen (jmcowman@mmm.com).


For more information on the QEP, check out http://www.ipep.org/cred-qep.html.  

When: Mondays 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, starting September 23
Location: 3M (Maplewood) in Building 220, Conference Room 220-5N-C
Cost: UMS members are invited to attend at no cost

Bring a flash drive to the meeting and I will provide the "study" guide for the chapters we reviewed last year. Bring paper and a calculator. I will provide slides for you to take notes on.

Course Format:
We will meet weekly and rotate assignments for who facilitates each topic. I will facilitate week 1-  we will exchange contact information, go over scheduling, review our "study guide" (Gil Master's Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science) and I will print up study sheets and lead the discussion for Chapter 5 (Water Pollution). I have a copy of this text and will allow my copy to be loaned out to the weekly facilitator. As a note, it will take several weeks to go over each chapter as we work through examples as we discuss content.

To get to 3M, take I-94 to Century Ave or McKnight Ave and head north. Park in the 224 lot (see arrows in diagram).