Effective Stack Test Management

Join Austin Lesmeister with American Engineering Testing and Emma Williams with Guardian Energy to learn more about effective stack test management!

FREE webinar sponsored by the A&WMA-Upper Midwest Section September 15, 2021, 12:00PM – 1:00PM

The presentation is intended to give an overview of the stack testing process and emphasizes the teamwork and coordination required for a successful test event. Specific topics planned for discussion include the coordination between project stakeholders and what role regulators, owners, and test firms play in conducting a performance test. The presenters will review production and operational requirements and how to plan for representative and worst-case operating scenarios. They will also review the general testing requirements such as stack sampling locations, accessibility, power for mobile labs, run times, reporting, and quality assurance. A Q&A session following the presentation will be held to answer technical, as well as, logistical questions.