A&WMA-UMS Environmental Justice Webinar Series Part I

A&WMA-UMS will be hosting a FREE multi-part series of webinars related to environmental justice considerations!

Part I: Practical Considerations for Incorporating Environmental Justice into Environmental Permitting

Date: June 29, 2022 (11 AM CT)

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Presentation Summary
At the Federal, State, and Local level Environmental Justice (EJ) considerations are increasingly woven into the fabric of processes, procedures, and regulations. What does this mean for the regulated community and how can regulated facilities take EJ considerations into account in the environmental permitting process and beyond? This presentation will address incorporating EJ considerations into environmental permitting, with a focus on practical examples from air permitting processes and the benefits of taking a proactive approach to addressing EJ.


Kelsey Suddard, PE

Kelsey is a Senior Engineer with Braun Intertec Corporation where she assists a variety of clients with environmental permitting and compliance needs, specializing in air quality regulations. Prior to joining Braun Intertec, Kelsey worked as an air quality engineer for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  She was part of a team that worked to develop the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s environmental justice framework for regulatory services.  Kelsey received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.